1. Cloud Gate - known lovingly by locals as “The Bean”, although that nickname bothers the original artist.

  2. Terrifying abandoned baby doll stares into your soul.

  3. Nostalgia in an abandoned thrift store.

  4. I have this theory that old couches multiply in abandoned buildings. Proof right here!

  5. The sun shines through a door at the end of the hallway in a long-abandoned apartment building.

  6. Some people think the Jackson 5 played at this theater. They didn’t.

  7. No smoking - found in the halls of an abandoned hospital.

  8. The domed church was huge inside.

  11. Piles of old, forgotten furniture cover the floors of the large abandoned building.

  12. To kick this off, a photo of one of my most mindblowing visits. This theater was halfway demolished - thus the even lighting. The wall behind me was nearly gone.


  13. Just testing

    Starting up my tumblr. Cool idea. Sort of like Twitter with substance.